Sunday, June 7, 2009

Thanksgiving 1967

I have some memories of Thanksgiving in 1967 - in McMinnville. Not alot of memories, but I wonder where we actually slept - probably those awful army cots with the very scratch, green, wool blankets(!) I can't recall - just remember HATING those cots! What else? She had this rocking chair and took EVERYONE'S photo sitting on it. I vaguely remember everyone thinking it was a bit nuts, but now - I'm grateful she did! I think this photo set of everyone is neat (ok, my mom is SO not going to be thrilled with her photo....what can ya do?). Can anyone guess who all these silly family members are??? P.S. the rocker has survived and is in pretty good shape. Yeah, you guess it - it's at the beach house!


  1. (This is mom's comments!!!)

    I keep trying to add comments but am at Donnelly and don't have my Google email address here and it won't let me add comments without it. Good on the photos.

    I think they are:

    Kris, Bonnie, Terry, Terry Lee, Michele, Lumpy, Larry, Buddy, and David. Of course, those are on the other site and I can't remember the order for sure. I do remember her fixing Thanksgiving for all of us and it was in McMinnville but I thought you guys were a little older. Wasn't that the time she fixed turkey legs for each of you kids?!