Friday, June 5, 2009

Buried Treasure???

Each night after work, after dinner & shower, I continue sorting through the large collection of boxes in our garage. This may take me a month....sigh..... So what am I finding?? As you'd expect, a high percentage of junk. Remember, one person's junk is another one's treasures! Junk would be old Christmas cards received in years past, letters from friends, lots of stuff from the Australian trip, including some old metal, disposable McDonalds ashtrays...old brochures.... grandfathers gas charge cards. Hmmmm, he died 30 years ago. I'm finding lots of neat photos! Several of my grandfather as a young man. Many of family members. I'm sorting the family member photos, etc into three piles for the three branches of the family. Each branch will receive their box of stuff when I'm done. Some of the photos are extremely old on her side of the family and should go to other family members. I found a box with, oh, about 30 pairs of polished-rock cufflinks. The rock is gorgeous. Does anyone wear cufflinks these days? And they're not small, what-I-would-consider-tasteful size...they're fairly large. I've found three more copies of the Book of Morman. Grandpa was a Presbyterian, Grandma was Episcopalian. Hmm??? I think that brings our total up to 5, doesn't it Jon?? I've found three old telephones, 12 address books, and another bag full of stuffed animals. Wonder what I'll find tonight??? In some ways, I must confess this part can be slightly interesting, if a bit voyeuristic (spelling??), but in the long run - it's very tedious, but necessary.


  1. I have a pair of cufflinks here that belonged to your Grandpa Walt. They're beautiful gold engraved, and there's a matching tie clip. G'ma Pat gave them to me maybe twenty years ago for Christmas. Funny thing, I've never owned a shirt that had the holes for cufflinks. Had an opportunity to buy one a while back, when I was job hunting after the layoff, but didn't. Only time I've worn that type of shirt is with wedding tuxes - twice in thirty years. Maybe when the next big family wedding is happening, you could outfit the entire wedding party with spiffy polished rock cufflinks.

  2. Ha! Now THAT is a GREAT IDEA!!!! I'm still liking the agate croakie idea, too!!!