Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Greetings from a former Pack Rat....

Yeah, that's right....I WAS a pack rat. Just as soon as I finish going through the 110 boxes and plastic bags in our garage - I'm tossing half the contents of our house. I mean really, who is going to want: 1. the top to our wedding cake. Seriously. 2. My scrapbook from high school... 3. Misc holiday decorations (read: cheesy) in the hall closet. We live on a dead-end road. Why decorate??? 4. a ton of good knitting yarn (ok, so that won't be so hard to get rid of...) 5. four filing cabinets full of genealogical research 6. 2 bookshelves full of genealogical research (don't worry, Mom, will save the good stuff, but need to toss the "what if crap"! 7. My wedding dress. Yep, I sewed it and was quite proud of it. But it's time to say goodby...same with a few long dresses from high school. 8. Um, I'm trying to come up with 10 things....I did pretty well keeping my clothes and shoes under control.... Ok, give me a few days, perhaps I can round out my list of ten things. I am SO FRIGGIN' tired of packing boxes and boxes of CRAP! I did get the boxes out of the second storage facility today - nothing earthshattering - some bags of clothes that are destined for our church collection and two lawn-leaf bags full of pads, not panty-pads, but the disposable kind you put on the bed(?). Grrrrreat...... Got the 12 boxes of stamps/coins from the conservators today as well. Holy moley -- you should see our garage (Gary would rather you didn't). Can't do a thing with those until I speak with our attorney. Oh~ And found the key to the other safe deposit box in Long Beach! So I have keys now to both of those boxes!!!! And the grand finale for the day (this will just kill you, Jon......). Wrote an estate check for a couple hundred dollars to US Bank to drill the box in Longview - there is no key to be found.....the contents were extremely interesting.....so interesting that....... they were invisible!! The damned thing was EMPTY! Great! What a grand waste of money!!! I just want to set fire to my garage......and I need a good back massage!!!! But not just yet - my year's worth of hay is showing up Saturday morning. Whaaaaaaa!


  1. Four file cabinets of genealogical research? Sheesh, I have only one!! We did dispose of a lot when we moved in 2003 but probably still have 'way too much. Waiting for Haley to get a bigger house so we can give her a lot of her grandparents' stuff. Am still hyper-ventilating about the loss of gen materials!!

  2. EMPTY?? Ongoing rent being paid on an empty safe deposit box?? Back to our standard sayings: "WHY?" and "THIS IS JUST WRONG!" I'm with you, vowing to make a concerted effort to downsize. I don't even LIKE most of my Christmas decorations!

  3. We all hang on to way too much stuff, and then have to buy houses bigger than we really need in order to store it all. I don't rent any empty safe deposit boxes, though, so I haven't reached that exalted status ...yet.