Sunday, February 8, 2015

And the Beat Goes On...

While there are still some projects in the works at the old homestead, it's turned into a really nice place to hang out and enjoy good food and good times with family. Michele and Terry dragged the old headboard out of storage and had a great bonfire with it while we were there over New Year's.

The weather was spectacular, in the fifties a couple of days before the end of December, and we were having to shed layers of coats and sweatshirts while digging clams in the afternoon. Hey, it's a rough job, but someone has to do it. Michele and I have determined that we want to retire down at the beach near Gary and Terry, too, so we spent a couple of weekends this summer, and several days on the latest trip seeing condos with a realtor. We pretty well explored the peninsula.

Gary brought over a nice salmon, which we rubbed and planked, served with a fresh salad and potatoes toasted in butter in foil on the bbq. Tasted plenty of good wine, played some pinochle, chatted and laughed our way through the weekend. The gals went down to Seaview and did some antiquing one afternoon, we all went out to the very classy Depot restaurant one night, and Michele and I went hiking at Ledbetter Point, and checked out a local pizza parlor I was considering buying.

The clamming was wonderful, and we limited out two days in a row quickly, then just dug enough the third day to make ourselves some clam fritter appetizers in a special Willapa Bay breading. Ended up taking home nearly six pounds of cleaned clams in my backpack carry-on. Bon appetit!