Monday, June 15, 2009

Mission Accomplished!

Once the water company turned our city water on, they pointed out a slow rotation of the meter, telling us there is a small amount of water useage "somewhere". They really meant "you have a water leak". Great. Usually, they tell us, it's the toilet - go check your toilets. So we did. Neither was leaking. And we couldn't see any leaks around any of the sinks or tub(?). The front bathroom has this weird toilet tank and rather ugly sink... Not really knowing what else to do at that moment, we proceeded on with crap removal. By the next day, I could see the foundation slightly wet just west of the front porch. Aha! Gary got to fiddling around, and realized it was a leak in the hot water line to the front bathroom shower. And, uh, the leak was UNDER the house. It took us awhile to find the crawlspace entry - once we found it, I sort of remembered that at one time, I did know that it was there. Gary had to remove many pieces of lumber (dry!) to gain entry (God bless him!). And thankfully, even though it was clean, dry (except at leak spot) and rodent-free, he found two sheets of plywood that he could lay on. The hot water line is plastic and had split, probably freeze damage - and based on his observations, it had been leaking for YEARS. wonder the study room had so much more mildew than anywhere else in the cabin: it's right above the leak and no ventilation. Since that bathroom is so incredibly small, we elected to remove the shower (for good - it was an old metal, icky thing anyhow). This will allow us to install a new hot water heater IN THE BATHROOM, and remove the old one from THE STUDY ! And the old water heater in the study appears to be quite old, and also appears to be a ticking time bomb! (look closely....!!)

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  1. I do remember the toilet as being odd. Great work, Gary, in resolving this. How good is that - only one utility issue. Really enjoying your reports on this project - probably 'cause we're so far away from it!