Friday, June 12, 2009

More Old Photos!

I stumbled across a couple photos which are very, very cool - a glimpse into my father's life at a time he never talks about. This would be when his parents were still married - and maybe he has little recollection as he was quite young. I was NOT prepared for the resemblance of my father as a wee thing with my little sister when she was a similar age. Wow. Anyhow, here are two photos: one of my grandfather, Walter, with dad and uncle Larry. The other is the two boys with Shirley, their biological mother.


  1. Great photos!! I think you should make a copy of each and send to your father. Let him decide what to do with 'em! And I don't see the Kris or Michele?

  2. Like Kris, a little. The resemblance really struck me when I found the photos.