Thursday, May 28, 2009

First Pass

While the gals worked inside the house, sorting through Grandma's belongings, Gary and I began our day outside, trying to clear the jungle. There was a really nice redwood deck on the back of the house that looked like this:
So, I got out the pruning shears and a broom, and Gary wielded a weed whacker, and we ended up with it looking like this:
Terry already posted a picture in her first entry showing the "driveway" at the front of the cabin. After Gary worked his whacker magic, the driveway looked more like this:
There was a pantry at the rear of the house, which contained a freezer and a refrigerator. Unfortunately, when the power was turned off, the meat in the freezer rotted, the gases forced the door open, and the rotting juices spilled all over the floor, rendering the area uninhabitable except in full hazmat gear. The pantry also contained massive quantities of canned goods, saved for the total collapse of society.
The freezer and fridge were hauled away by furtive Mafia figures, to an undisclosed location.

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  1. Arrgh! The meat locker bandits!!! Good thing there is no such thing as "smell" on the web!