Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rustic Rescue

The power was off, as was the water. The urge to deep clean was strong! However, we knew we had to sort through everything in the house, saving some, tossing others. We ended up with 4 piles: family stuff to keep, stuff that should stay in beach house, yard sale pile, and finally the largest pile: the garbage! The yard sale pile soon became dwarfed by the garbage pile, the two may have merged. When Gary and I first entered the cabin, we were horrified. It really looked like someone had tossed the place. But upon closer inspection, ahem, it became clear that this is how the place was left, 5 years ago! Yuck!!! The kitchen was just awful, the nasty crockpot was still on the counter, heavy with unmentionable contents right where Gary was forced to leave it 5 years ago. There were plastic bags tucked in many drawers as well as laying about. Numerous zip-lok bag stashes in each room(?). There had been hoarding of many things going on over the years! The living room couch was Grandma's favorite location and it was really bad: The bedroom was equally nasty: My Grandfather's study (which I remembering him being so proud of) was a complete train wreck. It took me over 5 hours to sort through the mess. And it was by far the worst room for mold. You could not hardly go upstairs - ok, you could climb the stairs as they were clear. However, the floor upstairs could not be seen for the enormous pile of CRAP up there. I'm thinking all of that had been there for a LONG time! We found tons of old clothes. Sometimes it was difficult to tell who the original owner was, but sadly most were not worth saving. Michele took the two bags-worth of what was salvageable home. Maybe those can be sold at a vintage clothing shop? We left these stylish pants in the cabin: There was mold everywhere, as well as rat droppings. We had to gear up with the proper PPE so none of us would become ill. Here, Michele is modeling our beachwear. Hmmmm....we did sort of wonder what the neighbors would think!!! Or perhaps they weren't that suprised.

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