Friday, May 29, 2009

The Meat Locker....

That's what I dubbed the very gross back pantry - the room with the dead freezer full of very rotten meat. I found an old note in Grandma's things that discusses item disposition in case of her death. I think she wrote this about 1990 or so....she wanted the meat to go to a shelter. I'm thinking even if the freezer had remained on, that would be some pretty awful meat - well aged - ick! And in case you didn't believe Jon's comments about canned goods and the end of civilization as we know is another view of Grandma's canned goods stash in the meat locker.... We're headed down to the beach again this weekend. We have several dump runs to make. The idea of renting a large dumpster was a good one, but quickly squashed when no reasonable priced unit was to be found. Here is the bulk of our sorting efforts last weekend: There is another pile of similar magnitude in front of the fireplace....ugh!

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  1. Hey, I remember that pile!! Although I dutifully carried most of the stuff downstairs, once in awhile I couldn't resist throwing the occasional item over the loft (hazmat hard hat area)!