Sunday, May 31, 2009

Oh, and it's Official!

The extremely gross crock pot is gone! It's resting comfortably in the Cowlitz County landfill. Uh, Michele, you thought that enamel pot on the back deck was bad - this was ooky. The contents were crawling 5 years ago when Gary first went to toss it. Grandma had a fit and told us she'd take care of it. We drove away knowing she was lying to us. Needless to say it was far more ooky this weekend. Why the Cowlitz County landfill? We only managed three brutal loads on Saturday while the dump in Long Beach was open. But we were far from being done. So we brought a load home. That allowed us to toss two very gross twin bed sets from the loft. And the crock pot. 'bout time!


  1. Holy guacamole, Batman! I am totally amazed at how much you guys got done this weekend. So, after $225 in dump fees (does that include the fridge & freezer?) are you wondering if the dumpster wouldn't have been a good idea after all, by the time you figure in transit time and fuel for the truck and the materials for the siderails on the trailer?
    I can't believe you can actually see "shiny" on the sink in the entryway.
    Good job, slavedriver and slave #1!

  2. Yeah, it's sounds like we blew it money-wise....however....we did NOT! That dumpster we could've rented for $335. was a 10 yarder. Ha! I could've filled it THREE TIMES! So, it was $250 total counting the oozing freezer & fridge - so we came out way ahead. $285 total including rails for the trailer. Yay!