Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Report Card

We received our home inspection list late last night.  Of the eleven really minor items on the list we are asked to complete three of them.  Some items were super nit picky, like a couple of loose siding nails.

In the end we have to caulk the top of the chimney edging, fix one strip of hanging insulation in the crawl space, and vent one exhaust fan to the outside. We have two bathrooms and both have exhaust fans that we DID vent to roof vents when we installed them.  I wonder if one came loose?  Guess we'll find out soon.

Then there are two ads-ones which were not code when we built our home: hurricane straps on the hot water heater and CO2 monitor.  Not sure why the CO2 monitors....

Also?  I'm finding this entire process moving at lightning speed.  I guess thats how cash sales work....

1 comment:

  1. I don't know why CO2 monitors, but carbon monoxide monitors are a thing. AND they keep changing the codes as to the type and where they need to be located, which is annoying.