Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Prep Work

This winter I went through several rooms in the house and did some major destashing.  It felt so cathartic!  And now I'm reaping the benefits....those areas are straightforward to pack up.  The areas that did not suffer a destashing are taking the longest to pack: the pumphouse, greenhouse, garage, and our third bedroom I refer to as "Gary's cave".  Ugh.

The inspection guy came yesterday morning, accompanied by the buyers realtor.  We had errands in town, so we left.  Who knows what he will find?  We're not expecting anything terribly bad, but you never know.  And gads, it's not like we have a ton of time to deal with much else right now....
That whole inspection thing feels weird.  I get it, and will expect the same when we are looking to purchase.  The buyers don't do email, so yet another thing to slow the process down.



  1. "The buyers don't do email"

    No wonder they are moving closer to family. So someone can YELL AT THEM!