Monday, December 14, 2009

A Year in Review...

Earlier this year we started out here... Now look! This past winter..... And now! Another older view....notice Michele's respirator! And now.... And now the work inside has also begun....Binz (or however it's spelled) - think super killz odor/mildew/ super sealer.....applied in the old den (soon to be guest room) The the beginning! Just look at it now!!!


  1. Quite the improvement. the black the underlayment? Gonna be quite the cozy place when done. Great work, all!

  2. Looking amazing. Tell me that's not a stuffed rat on the bed. Have a great Christmas you certainly have earned it.

  3. Underlayment = new breathable stuff, not the old, white tyvek they used to use here.

    And NO not a stuffed rat, just a collection of smelly, moldy stuffed animals.....ewe!