Saturday, November 21, 2009

All Done

Originally uploaded by spinpygora

Here's the new fireplace door all installed. It has two bifold glass doors and that chain-mail type curtain inside (cuz you can't have a fire in there with the glass doors closed!)

I uploaded this iPhone photos to Flickr, then tried to paste them into my blogger software. This used to be very easy to do. Apparently too easy and caused problems, so now you have to link your Flickr acct to the Blogger account and you end up posting single photos in a blog entry.

I am NOT liking this! Photos look much better uploaded to hardrive,. then uploaded to web server. What a pain.....


  1. The fireplace looks amazing. What a change you two have worked on the place. Congrats. both of you.

  2. Looking good! I was about to bust a gut laughing about the contractors not starting till after hunting season. Been there, done that, slipped the schedule.