Friday, July 10, 2009

Old Beach Photos...

We spent a day and a half at the beach during the 4th. I didn't have to work all weekend - just part of it and had to check-in semi-regularly. Ugh. Anyhow - we took the camper to the beach, set it up, and for once enjoyed being down there without working at a grinding pace. More about that in my next post. I remember being at the beach for the 4th of July one year - can't recall what year...1969? 1970? And I have few memories. I do remember it being quite fun. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves this year: two lawnchairs, a sleeping bag (it was COLD), some nice wine, sitting on the beach, enjoying everyone else's firework displays. It was awesome!! Then when we'd had enough, we picked up our stuff and toddled back to the camper. Perfect!! I found some old photos of a visit to the beach cabin labeled June 1970. I do remember being there when our cousins were there as well. Grandma had remarked on these photos - that this was the last time the whole family was together (except my cousin Lori). Loren and Leon weren't there, either, so not sure what she meant.... Anyhow! Here is my dad and grandpa Walt. These photos were taken at the cabin BEFORE the addition was put up. So...these two are standing in the front area between where the washer/dryer are now and the big stainless sink! The breaker panel is behind where my grandfather is standing... This next photo is of myself, my little sister Kris, and our two cousins, Gerry and Terry Lee. This is outside on the nw corner of the cabin. Wow! You can see the ground!!! No jungle yet!!! The last photo is of my other sister Michele. She is having her hair combed by aunt Millie. The really cool thing about this photo is that she is sitting at the tiled counter on one of the metal stools still at the cabin. But look behind her! You can see the old fireplace stand right in the middle of that area - and to the right of the photo, you see the wall - there is no opening to enter the fireplace area - because it hasn't been built yet!!!

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  1. Great photos. I don't remember that trip to the beach and I don't remember any of the changes to the house! Yikes, what does that say about my memory?