Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Odds & Ends...

The conservators have finally turned the whole estate over to me. Oh joy. I have expired checks to deal with. I have two brokerage firms to deal with. And I found more money. It was shockingly simple. It's a wonder the conservators didn't find it - it took 5 minutes on the computer. Heck, they could've billed us for an hour! There is a website within the WA DOR (dept of revenue) - am sure there's something similar in OR and ID (I did check) for unclaimed money. According to the nice lady at the bank, Grandma had a CD there. It had matured, so they sent her a letter. Then they wait a year. No response? Send another letter. WA state requires them to do this 3 successive years. If no response, the money is turned over to the state. Just another sign of how far grandma's mental health had slid. WA state is sending the estate a whopping $119,000 or so within the next two weeks. Too bad I can't have a finder's fee!!! Hmmm, what else? I am waiting on the two brokerage firms to assess the value of the accounts on the day of grandma's death. Then my attorney can set the value of estate - and see if it falls into any higher category of estate tax (hope not). Then, while my tax person files her income taxes - then I believe the monies can be distributed. Whew! Of course I'm also waiting for numerous checks to be reissued (the conservators let them expire - they were horrible!). Oh, the two safe deposit boxes in Long Beach? I had keys for both (thankgoodness!). Heh. Both were empty....?? And we did get to chat with the gal that lives across the street from our cabin. Apparently approx a year ago, there were some "squatters" who did, indeed break in through one of the windows. She had called the police. They were there only two days - maybe they were partially responsible for the mess inside?? We have secured the windows, so that won't be a future problem. And that old pillbox style toilet and corner sink? G-O-N-E, GONE!! Off the Portland with a very nice gal!! Woo-hoo!! Gotta love Craig's List!!!


  1. The details just continue to surprise and amaze. what expired checks? Do you mean people had sent her money and they weren't cashed? As for the CD and letters of notification, the last 3-4 years, she was rather elusive, so mail probably didn't follow her. Wow, wonder what you'd find under the floor boards or hidden in the walls? And squatters?!! am not surprised...but very glad the neighbor was on top of things. Sounds like when the probate timeline expires and bills are all in, you'll be able to distribute fund sooner than you'd thought. yahoo.

  2. She had checks she never cashed. The conservators had checks they never deposited. i think that's negligent on their part. And I'm the one stuck fixing it.

  3. Wow, you've been busy! Stupid conservators. Guess you aren't at your 30th reunion this weekend? So...our comments, "looks like someone tossed the place" probably weren't off mark, eh? Kinda scary. Thanks for keeping us updated!