Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Home Stretch

We're nearly done.  Whew.  All the outbuildings are now empty (thankbob) with the minor exception of my studio which still houses two partially dismantled floor looms.  The Habitat for Humanity folks will be here on Wednesday, and the furniture/loom movers will be here Thursday morning.  Since all our beds are heading for storage, we'll spend Thursday night in our travel trailer.

Today is the day to say farewell to my Spanky goat and all of G's chickens, including our gorgeous rooster, Captain Kool.  Thank goodness I don't have to say goodby to my Hunter cat as he's joining us down at the beach.

People have asked us why we're moving as we have such a nice place.  It is a nice place, we built all of it ourselves.  And if we could pick it all up and move the whole shebang, we would've.  This rural, higher elevation place has gotten to be too much for us.  And holy cow, it's been nice to destash a TON of crap(!). Even G was shocked at how much had accumulated.  I told him it felt like the super long, heavy chain of Marley's ghost.  Too weighty and smothering.  I'm fairly certain we shall be destashing more once we find our new home.

We continue to look for a new home....more are coming on the market now.....but few fit our criteria: two car garage, one main floor bedroom, and about 2200 sqft.  It's the bedroom situation that has been the main hurdle so far.

Also, it only just now occurred to me.....I'm wondering about all our belongings in storage...and insurance.  I hate to pay for insurance, but now I probably should look into that.

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